Rick Domingo


Rick Domingo

Ricardo Domingo is the FAA’s Executive Director of Flight Standards. As Director, he oversees the development, coordination, and execution of policies, standards, systems, and procedures; public rules, regulations, and standards. He coordinates and executes program plans that govern the operations, maintenance, and airworthiness of all U.S. civil aircraft, including those of U.S. flag carriers and foreign carriers when operating in and over the United States, its territories and possessions.

His oversight responsibilities also include proficiency and certification of air agencies (flight schools/maintenance bases) and of qualified airmen (other than air traffic control personnel).

Previously, Mr. Domingo served as Acting Deputy Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety. He also served as the FAA Flight Standards Service Director of the Office of Safety Standards. The Office of Safety Standards focuses on establishing criteria within the Service’s purview for operations, repair and alteration of aircraft and operations, the use of designees or delegation, flight technologies, safety promotion, and international operations.

Mr. Domingo was also the Federal Aviation Administration’s Manager of Flight Standards Divisions in the Northwest-Mountain and Central regions.

He joined the FAA in 1995 as an Aviation Safety Inspector in the Boise, Idaho, District Office. Subsequently, he served in a variety of positions in the field, overseas, and in Washington D.C. Prior to his FAA career, Mr. Domingo worked for two Part 121 air carriers, a Helicopter Emergency Medical Services provider, and several general aviation entities, bringing 20 years of industry experience to the FAA.

Mr. Domingo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology, with a minor in Aviation Management.