2020 Themes

It’s time to explore and highlight some of the many positive aspects of drones. Whether its package delivery or infrastructure inspection, search and rescue operations or helping firefighters, every day drones provide critical societal benefits. To fully uncover all the good being done, we’ll also focus on:

Making Connections

The Symposium is a great way to meet and network with peers in academia, industry, government, and community-based organizations. Take advantage of the opportunity to share best practices and lessons learned from operations, applications, and new technologies.

Safety Propels Innovation

Safely integrating UAS into the national airspace system requires new technologies. Along with regulatory advancements, progress in detect-and-avoid, remote identification, geofencing, and more are opening the door to expanded – and safer – operations. Find out in these sessions how safety concerns generate new UAS capabilities.

Get More Out of Your Drone Business

Discovering first-hand success stories, receiving insights from government decision makers, and growing your network – these are just some of the benefits from attending the Symposium. You will also have the chance to learn how drones could help you, your business, and your community.