The 2022 FAA Drone Symposium focuses on commercial operations, whether at home or abroad. A great deal has happened or soon will: the BVLOS ARC will soon issue its report, the manufacturing deadline for Remote Identification is approaching, standards and regulatory bodies are working to promote global harmonization, and much more.

If you use drones for business, arise at the 2022 FAA Drone Symposium and help integration reach new heights.


The FAA Drone Symposium is a great way to meet and network with peers in academia, industry, and government. Take advantage of the opportunity to share best practices and lessons learned from operations, applications, and new technologies.


Discover first-hand success stories, receive insights from government decision makers, and grow your network – these are just some of the benefits of the FAA Drone Symposium. You will also have the chance to learn how drones could help you, your business, and your community.