Carve out time in your day to join a Roundtable Discussion and engage with other attendees in a small group setting to explore your shared interests. Some topics will be pre-scheduled with an assigned facilitator to get the conversation started, or start a new roundtable on a topic of your choice and invite your platform connections to jump in.

Episode IV Scheduled Roundtables

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The schedule for the Symposium is set to Eastern Daylight Time. Roundtable topics and timing are subject to change.

Tuesday, September 14

9:00 AM | Resource Center: General FAA Q&A

11:00 AM | Session Follow-Up: Seeing Both Sides of the Coin: How Type Certification and Operations Work Together for Safety

11:30 AM | Session Follow-Up: Ready, Set, Go! What You Need to Know Before Entering Controlled Airspace

11:30 AM | Session Follow-Up: Exploring UTM: Around the World in 55 Minutes

12:25 PM | Resource Center: General FAA Q&A

1:05 PM | Session Follow-Up: Tactical BVLOS: Seeing Around the Corner Saves Lives

1:05 PM | Session Follow-Up: Flight Data Monitoring: It’s Not Just for Commercial Aircraft Anymore

2:10 PM | Session Follow-Up: UTM Integration: Where We Are & Where We’re Headed

3:50 PM | Session Follow-Up: One Step BEYOND

3:50 PM | Session Follow-Up: Plan for Success: Creating ConOps and Applications for BVLOS Waivers

Wednesday, September 15

9:00 AM | Resource Center: General FAA Q&A

11:30 AM | Session Follow-Up: Safety and Security: Working Together to Keep Our Skies Safe

12:05 PM | Session Follow-Up: We're ALL in the Same Sky Together

12:25 PM | Resource Center: General FAA Q&A

1:05 PM | Session Follow-Up: The Collision Avoidance Session: You Don't Want to Miss It

1:05 PM | Session Follow-Up: Been There, Drone That: What’s NEW for Operational Approvals

2:10 PM | Session Follow-Up: Community Engagement Practices from Around the Globe

2:10 PM | Session Follow-Up: The Greener Future of Aviation: Environmental Review and Noise Certification

3:50 PM | Session Follow-Up: We Like LAANC a Lot (Sorry, Not Sorry) – UAS Service Suppliers and Their Lessons Learned