The Symposium program will focus on key focus areas for the future of the UAS community and expanded operations. During each Episode, sessions will be organized into several tracks to help attendees make the most of their time:

Episode III — June 9-10, 2021

International — Learn how international standards, shared best practices, and open lines of communication can help address global drone technical challenges and regulatory issues while supporting public awareness and acceptance. Join national and international drone experts, industry representatives, and policymakers as they talk about the future of drones around the world.

STEM — If your passion is sharing UAS with students and others new to drones, these sessions are not to be missed. We’ll talk about everything from lesson plans to the CTI—the Collegiate Training Initiative—and how to inspire tomorrow’s UAS workforce. When it comes to UAS, the future is in your hands!

Public Safety — These public safety-minded sessions will focus on how agencies are using drones to support the public good, expand the possibilities for better solutions in difficult times, and deliver positive outcomes.

Recreational Community — Are you flying drones or traditional model aircraft recreationally? In these sessions we’ll explore what’s hot, address the impact of new regulations, answer your questions, and help you get off the ground and fly safely. We’ll also discuss The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), a new requirement for all recreational flyers, and what it means for the recreational flying community.

Commercial Drone Operations — The commercial future of drones is looking bright, but how do we realize its full potential? These sessions will focus on what’s trending for commercial drone operators, industry challenges and successes, the effect of new regulations, and how build upon the past to ensure continued growth of this incredible technology.

Episode IV — September 14-15, 2021

International Developments — Better UAS integration through collaboration. Come discover how policy-level coordination between the FAA and other aviation authorities is advancing drone integration. National and international drone experts, industry representatives, and policymakers will lead sessions showing how international standards, shared best practices, and open lines of communication are addressing drone technical challenges at home and abroad.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Operations — The ability to conduct routine BVLOS operations is the next big step in enabling wide-scale, economically viable UAS operations. Sessions in this track will cover the BEYOND program, low altitude operations, FAA authorizations, and tactical BVLOS waivers. Hear the latest developments in this dynamic field.

Operational Advancements — The UAS universe is at an inflection point. There’s a need to move from one-off approvals to the predictability of operating by rule. How do we get there? The diverse set of UAS stakeholders – industry, commercial and recreational pilots, government, and academia – have different needs and views on how to attain these advancements. Join leading figures as they address the state of UAS today…and tomorrow.